I’m Back Again With More Weight


Hey guys!

It has been a while, right.

I was crazy busy with handful web design projects lately, that’s why I didn’t post here, but I’m trying to change it. I don’t like it myself, I love working on my laptop, but not to spend 12-14 hrs on it!

I got good money for my hard work, but on the other side I feel cramps everywhere on my body, and gained some weight, all that due to the lack of the physical activities, and I have to do something about it now.

Decided to Go to the Gym

That’s why I made the decision to dedicate two hours, three days per week to workouts.

I registered to a gym which very close to my home, they gave me some suggestions for the first month to start with, I also saw some supplements there, some friends there told me that they will make the process faster. As my goal is to lose weight faster, I’m going to try one of these supplements, which is a stimulant-free pre workout supplement.

I will give this journey 3 months, to see results, before I do any evaluation. I hope the time I will dedicate there will not affect my business revenue.

Time to have a VA

As my business load increased too, I’m thinking to hire a Virtual Assistant, she will help me greatly to meet the deadlines and dedicate some time to stay healthy.

I’m going to do some interviews on the reputable freelancing platforms, and pick one who speaks English fluently, India and Vietnam are my target countries for now, people there are highly skilled and their rates are reasonable.

Actually, what I will need is a guy who is ready to work on WordPress and its customization, so, HTML knowledge, PHP, CSS and WordPress knowledge are required.

Outsourcing is Doing Great for Me!

 Yet, there are some tasks I do outsource but I don’t need them on regular bases, that’s why I will keep outsourcing them to handful freelancers I’m connected to.

These tasks include:

  • Content writing
  • Graphic design
  • Video creation (mostly video explainers)

I prefer to stay focused on what I’m good at. That gives me more confidence.

I Promise You

I will also try to have better posting schedule for my blog, I love when I write for you guys, but as you see, I’m stuffed with a lot of tasks, but I promise you that I will do my best to have this blog on my top priorities.

How To Stay Motivated During Your Online Journey

How to stay motivated during your online journey

The internet marketing is just like any field, extremely saturated. So, it is easy for any newbie to just give up when he face any difficult times, most of these newbies think that they will get grands just after starting their journey, but the vast majority of them do not. What makes you a good internet marketer is your credibility in the field and you get it just when your target audience trust you, you should provide value and forget about money at the beginning, till you get this trust. That is the only key to do it. Seems that this journey is long, isn’t it?

Yeah, internet marketing is not a career that you can master in a month or two, you should give it enough time to bear fruit. And that’s why a lot of newbies started and only a few of them reach their goals. They lose the energy they started with in the middle of the battle, and easily give up. Here we are going to discuss how we are going to stay motivated in their online journey.

Have Accurate Goals:

Your plan should be realistic one, you shouldn’t put some huge goals, start small and grow big gradually. Make your goals measurable, so you can put a defined plan and measure your progress over time.  These we have mentioned are only two factors of the SMART goals, if you need to read more about the SMART concept, here is a link that explain it:


Surround Yourself With the Right Guys:

Your friends will have a great impact on you, even if you have a strong personality and determined enough, there will be some impact, either positive or negative, so it is your choice at the end, if most of your friends don’t have online marketing interests or don’t clearly see the reason behind your passion, it is the time to fine more friends who share you the same passion, these are the ones who will give you the energy boost when you need it, of face some bad situation in your online business. And remember the old saying: “Tell me your friends, and I will tell you who you are“. So, choose your friends carefully from now on.

Follow Successful Online Marketers

These guys will be a big source of inspiration for you, you need to follow them every where, to start making the relationships on their blogs and their Facebook groups, you can comment on their posts, share their post, or even share their internet marketing and SEO quotes, you can also interview them on your blog, that will make the relationship very strong.

Reward Yourself When Needed

At the beginning, you have no followers to show the impact of your hard work on them ( That is a big motivation for you to carry on on the track when reached), so you need to rewards yourself whenever you have a small accomplishment. You can have rest, or go out with your beloved friends and enjoy the small victory you had.

These are few tips that will keep you charged during your digital journey, stick to them and you will feel a huge change in your motivation and productivity as well.

YouTube: the Unlimited Opportunities to Make Money

YouTube: the Unlimited Opportunities to Make Money

YouTube is dominating for the video sharing for years now, and no doubt people are looking to there to make money. According to StatisticBrain, there are (1,325,000,000) people use YouTube and 300 hours of video uploaded every minute, big market, isn’t it?

Furthermore, it is considered the second search engine (3 billion searches a month), people use it to search for answers for their questions, solutions, tutorials, entertainment content and anything can be demonstrated visually.

This made the doors wide open to marketers to start focusing on it as a source for customers, and having a channel full of subscribers there is like a treasure.

With all these fact in mind, one shouldn’t overlook this big source money.

Are you asking now, how people make money on YouTube?

Good question. YouTube provide Monetizing option through the YouTube Partner Program, you should first complete some steps to connect your channel to your AdSense account in order to be able to get paid, however you can see the ads before. Here is a print screen of the steps in brief:

Connecting to Google AdSense

Need more details? Here you are! https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/72857?hl=en

Monetizing through Google AdSense will get you 55% of the total earning, while Google will get the remaining 45%. If your channel gets a huge number of visitors daily, this option will be effective for you, and yet it depends on your conversion rate.

What if your country is not one of the high paying countries, your earning will be low, and Google AdSense could not be an acceptable option. What if Google AdSense keep rejecting your request, what will be the solution to such a disaster.

To stay safe you shouldn’t depend 100 percent on Google AdSense, you should have an eye on the other options too.

Monetizing YouTube Without AdSense:

One of these options to earn from YouTube without Google AdSense is to use your YouTube Videos as a part of your Affiliate Marketing strategy.

Another solution is to offer sponsored program on YouTube, if you cannot find these sponsors, FameBit will find them for you, just give it a visit and I’m sure you find the process there crystal clear.

Freedom Program is one alternative should be on your list, as it is a partnership program that gives you 60% and only take 40% of the total earning, nice percentage, isn’t it?

Yet you can sell your own products, but I think this should be in your advanced stages.

To get more details on these non-AdSense monetizing options, read this resource:

How to Make Money on YouTube Without AdSense

Bottom Line:

As I told before, YouTube is the bigger video sharing site and yet it is expanding and gets more users every day, so you shouldn’t overlook such a great opportunity to make good money. Take action, plan your monetizing methods and start now!

Which is Better? Doing SEO Yourself or Finding Affordable SEO Service?

Affordable SEO Services

The evolution of marketing, trade and commerce has changed the way people viewed business before and, more than anything, technology has to be accredited with bringing about some of the most major changes in business as we know it.

Previously, people might have been used to traditional brand communication techniques such as investing on TVCs, print, out-of-home and other forms of electronic media just to seize the attention of their target audience. However, things have changed now. You could have the best brand communication in the area, you might have created the buzz through some modes of advertising BUT, trust me, if you are not on the first few pages of Google’s Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs, for short) for relevant keywords then it practically means that your business is non-existent in the 21st century.

So, the question naturally arises, how do I get my business ranked among the first pages of Google SERPs? Interesting as the question sounds the answer is a bit of both, simple and complicated simultaneously. In order to get your website ranked in the top pages you will have to engage yourself into digital marketing and specifically search engine optimization (abbreviated as SEO). Search Engine Optimization is a relatively safe and excellent way to get your business the attention it needs.

SEO is easier said than done. You may consider the option of trying to handle SEO yourself and that is, if not difficult, a bit tricky. It is hence recommended that you leave the search optimization part to the experts of their field. This is where you will probably need the assistance of some affordable SEO services to get you through it. There are lots of factors that you will need to consider during the process and also taking in to account the level of competition that has emerged in the digital sphere it is best that you leave the job to experts.

When carefully selecting a good SEO firm or team with your budget in mind, you will receive the good care in terms of customer service and response when it comes to having an affordable SEO service plan. Most SEO firms tend to reduce the level of their services whenever the customer asks for an affordable plan but at those services providers who care more with building their client base, things are going to be totally different. The SEO plans there are well-defined to suit the feasibility of clients and customers of all types.

One of the main strengths of the affordable SEO service teams is to properly understand the nature of a business before jumping into any marketing effort and activity. If the SEO team fails to understand the business and abruptly jumps into action then the results will never be the satisfactory. Google has become bigger, better and smarter over the years and is no longer fooled by stuffing keywords or the other tactics of the past.

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Top 5 PHP Based Content Management Systems

Content Management System

There are many websites and webpages that you can find on the internet, each site offers a different service and people who want to learn about those services, are the ones who normally visit those particular websites. Since there are so many websites, that is why each website needs to be managed properly so that it can draw more attention and web traffic. This is where Content Management Systems or CMSs come in.

A Content Management System (CMS) is essentially a web based application that allows the users to manage their web contents . It allows the user to edit, modify, organize, publish, delete and maintain a system and its functions using a centralized interface. These kinds of systems have made things really easy for developers, they can now easily add or remove any things from the system simply with a click of a button.

There is not one but many Content Management Systems that you can find, each is based on a different programming language and offers a different set of functions. Here you will learn some things about the top 5 Content Management Systems that are based on PHP.


When you talk about the best and most used Content Management System then WordPress is the name for you. At first WordPress was not considered as a CMS because it was mostly used a blogging platform, but now it has widened its roots and powers many non-blog websites as well. Users can find thousands of widgets, plugins and themes to extend the functionality of WordPress.

By using these plugins, users can turn WordPress it whatever they like, it can be a social network, an e-commerce site or a forum. WordPress has many strengths and weaknesses as a Content Management System. For starters, it has a huge community of developers and offers plenty of documentation and tutorials to make it easier for users to take advantage of this CMS. It has a user-friendly dashboard and offers free and paid plugins which have different functions.


Joomla is another PHP based Content Management System, it used by some of the most prominent companies including MTV, IHOP and Harvard University. It is also great for back-end networks and for this purpose it is used by companies such as Citibank. Joomla is used for everything including reservation systems, inventory control systems, complex business directories and normal websites. Joomla is has many users around the world, it has a long development history, it has over 200,000 users and contributors from around the world.


Drupal is another popular CMS which is also used by many users, it is also used by some of the best and most high-profile companies including MIT, Sony Music, Fast Company, Popular Science and New York Observer. Drupal has highly active community, it provides a lot of documentation and tutorials which help the user to understand how to build sites, modules, designing themes and installation.

Users can use over 6,000 add-ons and make it easier for themselves to use Drupal easily, effectively and increase its functionality. It is a very powerful Content Management System and offers a robust user interface that provides a really nice experience.


If you are looking for a nice and effective Content Management System then SilverStripe will certainly be the one you are looking for. It is a Content Management System that is well-suited for developers and designers, it offers a high amount of comfort and offers functionality and usability to its users. The system provides every bit of information and tutorials that are required by users in order learn the system.


TextPattern is perhaps one of the most overlooked Content Management System, it a system that is highly flexible and is easy to use out of the box. Users can find more than 700 plugins on TextPattern which can make it easier for them to develop and design anything, there are also more than 50 mods that can be used.

These were the top 5 Content Management Systems, they are used by many people from around the world and are continuously growing and widening their operations. Such Content Management Systems can really change a person’s life and make it easier.

Hi Guys!

Hi Web Designers!

Hi, I’m so happy to start posting on my blog, finally I will hare my thoughts online, it is really a unique feeling!

I’m going to write on various areas related to the web design and development: web design, WordPress, Joomla, search engine optimization, social marketing, and everything that will help us build successful websites.

I’m really busy with my day job, but I will try my best to find time and post on regular basis, so stay tuned!