YouTube: the Unlimited Opportunities to Make Money

YouTube: the Unlimited Opportunities to Make Money

YouTube is dominating for the video sharing for years now, and no doubt people are looking to there to make money. According to StatisticBrain, there are (1,325,000,000) people use YouTube and 300 hours of video uploaded every minute, big market, isn’t it?

Furthermore, it is considered the second search engine (3 billion searches a month), people use it to search for answers for their questions, solutions, tutorials, entertainment content and anything can be demonstrated visually.

This made the doors wide open to marketers to start focusing on it as a source for customers, and having a channel full of subscribers there is like a treasure.

With all these fact in mind, one shouldn’t overlook this big source money.

Are you asking now, how people make money on YouTube?

Good question. YouTube provide Monetizing option through the YouTube Partner Program, you should first complete some steps to connect your channel to your AdSense account in order to be able to get paid, however you can see the ads before. Here is a print screen of the steps in brief:

Connecting to Google AdSense

Need more details? Here you are!

Monetizing through Google AdSense will get you 55% of the total earning, while Google will get the remaining 45%. If your channel gets a huge number of visitors daily, this option will be effective for you, and yet it depends on your conversion rate.

What if your country is not one of the high paying countries, your earning will be low, and Google AdSense could not be an acceptable option. What if Google AdSense keep rejecting your request, what will be the solution to such a disaster.

To stay safe you shouldn’t depend 100 percent on Google AdSense, you should have an eye on the other options too.

Monetizing YouTube Without AdSense:

One of these options to earn from YouTube without Google AdSense is to use your YouTube Videos as a part of your Affiliate Marketing strategy.

Another solution is to offer sponsored program on YouTube, if you cannot find these sponsors, FameBit will find them for you, just give it a visit and I’m sure you find the process there crystal clear.

Freedom Program is one alternative should be on your list, as it is a partnership program that gives you 60% and only take 40% of the total earning, nice percentage, isn’t it?

Yet you can sell your own products, but I think this should be in your advanced stages.

To get more details on these non-AdSense monetizing options, read this resource:

How to Make Money on YouTube Without AdSense

Bottom Line:

As I told before, YouTube is the bigger video sharing site and yet it is expanding and gets more users every day, so you shouldn’t overlook such a great opportunity to make good money. Take action, plan your monetizing methods and start now!

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