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I’m Back Again With More Weight


Hey guys!

It has been a while, right.

I was crazy busy with handful web design projects lately, that’s why I didn’t post here, but I’m trying to change it. I don’t like it myself, I love working on my laptop, but not to spend 12-14 hrs on it!

I got good money for my hard work, but on the other side I feel cramps everywhere on my body, and gained some weight, all that due to the lack of the physical activities, and I have to do something about it now.

Decided to Go to the Gym

That’s why I made the decision to dedicate two hours, three days per week to workouts.

I registered to a gym which very close to my home, they gave me some suggestions for the first month to start with, I also saw some supplements there, some friends there told me that they will make the process faster. As my goal is to lose weight faster, I’m going to try one of these supplements, which is a stimulant-free pre workout supplement.

I will give this journey 3 months, to see results, before I do any evaluation. I hope the time I will dedicate there will not affect my business revenue.

Time to have a VA

As my business load increased too, I’m thinking to hire a Virtual Assistant, she will help me greatly to meet the deadlines and dedicate some time to stay healthy.

I’m going to do some interviews on the reputable freelancing platforms, and pick one who speaks English fluently, India and Vietnam are my target countries for now, people there are highly skilled and their rates are reasonable.

Actually, what I will need is a guy who is ready to work on WordPress and its customization, so, HTML knowledge, PHP, CSS and WordPress knowledge are required.

Outsourcing is Doing Great for Me!

 Yet, there are some tasks I do outsource but I don’t need them on regular bases, that’s why I will keep outsourcing them to handful freelancers I’m connected to.

These tasks include:

  • Content writing
  • Graphic design
  • Video creation (mostly video explainers)

I prefer to stay focused on what I’m good at. That gives me more confidence.

I Promise You

I will also try to have better posting schedule for my blog, I love when I write for you guys, but as you see, I’m stuffed with a lot of tasks, but I promise you that I will do my best to have this blog on my top priorities.

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